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Screening for High Risk Pregnancy Populations

2019-10-23 | Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, MD

NSL stands for Nuchal SonoLucency. This prenatal screening test (also called the nuchal fold scan) uses ultrasound to measure the clear ("translucent") space in the tissue at the back of your developing baby's neck, and is combined with measurement of two hormones in mom's blood. That measurement can help assess... Read More

Pregnancy after 35 is very common today

2019-10-23 | Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, MD

Pregnancy after 35 can pose some special concerns. If your health is good, you should be able to have a successful pregnancy. More common problems that may develop such as diabetes and hypertension can be managed medically. The specific age related issues are related to increased risk of chromosomal birth... Read More

Award-Winning Maternity Care

2019-10-22 | Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, MD

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center is a great place to have your baby! Dr. Daum delivered the first baby at  Methodist Mansfield Medical Center on December 26th, 2006. Since that day the hospital has grown, but retains the small hospital feeling that many women enjoy. The NICU is now considered a level... Read More

Call Dr. Daum as soon as you are diagnosed!

2019-10-22 | Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, MD

Pregnant women are more likely to get seriously ill from the flu. Get your flu shot!   You should get vaccinated as soon as you finish the first trimester. (12 weeks). You will not get the flu from a flu shot. Any side effects you get are generally limited to soreness... Read More

Genetic Testing For Cancer Risk

2019-10-22 | Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, MD

Anyone can be at increased risk for cancer based on their family history. This is especially true for certain types of cancers such as: breast, ovary, colon, endometrium (uterine), pancreas, and melanoma. The more unusual the timing of the cancer (early age onset) or prevalence within a family, the higher... Read More

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