Pregnancy After 35

Pregnancy after 35 is very common today

2022-01-03Updated: 2022-04-28 Mansfield Miracles, Paul Daum, M.D.

Pregnancy after 35 can pose some special concerns. If your health is good, you should be able to have a successful pregnancy. More common problems that may develop such as diabetes and hypertension can be managed medically.

The specific age related issues are related to increased risk of chromosomal birth defects. The risk of trisomies (three chromosomes instead of two) is increased for chromosomes 13,18 and 21. Down syndrome is trisomy of chromosome 21. The increased risk is gradual with increasing age, but becomes progressively greater after age 35. 

The approximate risk at age 35 is 1/270, at 40 is 1/100 and at 44 is approximately 1/30. The risk of trisomy 13 and 18 is also increased, but as these birth defects are commonly lethal, they are less well known. Please see the other sections on detection of chromosomal problems before birth.

When there are medical problems complicating pregnancy, consultants in other fields such as cardiology or endocrinology as well as maternal fetal medicine can be brought in as a team approach.

Keeping yourself fit and dealing with medical issues before conception can be critical to a good outcome. When early delivery is necessary, we have a great nursery to deal with the needs of your baby. Our level III nursery is staffed by the Neonatologists from Cook Children's Hospital. If transfer of your baby should be necessary continuity of care is smooth and well coordinated within the same group of pediatricians.

Pregnancy after 35 is very common today, Have faith that you and your baby will be well!