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Family Planning / ContraceptionA typical U.S. woman is fertile about 40 years — half of her expected lifespan. If you choose not to have children at any point during that time, it's important that you select a birth control method that you find comfortable and appealing to your lifestyle.

There are many options for birth control. Which you choose will depend on your individual needs and health. We offer birth control pills, patch, Nuva Ring, Mirena IUD, diaphragm fitting, and laparoscopic tubal ligation. Come in and see which is right for you.

Other options for birth control include the implanon, a progestin only plastic rod inserted under the skin in your arm. I have chosen not to offer Implanon and consider the Mirena IUD a better option.

Sterilization with laparoscopy ( a day surgery 5 mm scope placed through your navel) is still considered the standard. Vaginal methods such as Essure and Adiana are not offered in my office. Essure has about a 10% failure of placement at surgery, and then takes 3 to 6 months to achieve sterilization.

A hysterosalpingogram (a vaginal dye test) is required to confirm the tubes are blocked. The HSG is expensive and painful reducing the appeal of the Essure.

With laparoscopy the entire pelvis can be visualized, and allows for diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, diagnosis of fibroids in the uterus, and leaves a virtually invisible scar in you belly button.

There are new and old choices in birth control. New options are on the horizon. Explore these issues and arrive at the best solution for you. Most of the recent changes in contraception have involved alternative delivery systems for the birth control pill. 

The Ortho Evra patch (absorbed through the skin) and the Nuva Ring (absorbed through the vagina) are among the latest. Fewer periods per year are promoted by Seaonale and Seasonique, where the continuous active pill cycle lasts for three months. The Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is a plastic Y shaped device that fits inside the uterus. It is impregnated with levonorgestrel, the hormone in many birth control pills.

The Mirena IUD exerts a local hormone effect in the uterus and shortens or may stop your periods (perfectly OK). It lasts 5 years without maintenance, and is 98% effective. A new implantable rod is coming out soon, it is implanted in the inside of the upper arm, and lasts one year. Diaphragm fitting is available, however we do not offer the cervical cap.

Don't forget VASECTOMY. It's a great method, and you have done your job. See if your man will stand up and take care of the problem with vasectomy.

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