Congratulations on Your Pregnancy
Pregnancy will be an exciting time for you, filled with new experiences and challenges. Dr. Daum, M.D. and his staff at Mansfield Miracles are very experienced and have delivered thousands of healthy babies. We offer personalized and compassionate obstetric care for all of our patients. Dr. Daum, M.D. delivers babies, does his own in office 3D and 4D sonograms as a part of every pregnancy. He loves delivering babies, and both low and high risk pregnancies are welcome. Vaginal birth after cesarean section is encouraged. Dr. Daum, M.D. plans to continue to deliver babies well into the future. Our staff looks forward... Read The Rest
Healthy and Happy Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a remarkable time in a woman's life.  It is filled with joy and anticipation but also sometimes a bit scary, especially for first time moms.  We see you as early as you would like to come in, and perform a sonogram at your first visit to confirm your pregnancy is healthy and to establish an accurate due date. If things are uncomplicated, we see you monthly, with sonograms usually done on the second visit , mostly so you can see the remarkable changes in your baby.  Sex determination is included and can usually be determined at the next visit, by... Read The Rest
Full Range of Gynecologic Services
At Mansfield Miracles, we are devoted to providing the full range of gynecologic services. Our providers and staff are concerned with the health care needs of all women throughout their life cycle. Having a regular gynecological exam is a key part of your health care maintenance. We provide a full range of gynecological care at our Mansfield Miracles medical office located in the Professional Building of the Methodist Mansfield Medical Center in Mansfield, Texas. Our gynecological services including routine exams, pre-conceptual counseling, pap smear evaluation, STD screening, birth control counseling, the evaluation of abnormal menstrual cycles, PMS treatment, menopause care, and other... Read The Rest
Important Part Of Your Pregnancy Care
Laboratory tests are an important part of your pregnancy care. At Mansfield Miracles, we offer routine, screening and diagnostic tests to assure you and your baby are healthy from start to finish. Prenatal lab tests assure you and baby are healthy from start to finish and are performed virtually all moms-to-be. Early in your pregnancy, we’ll test your blood and urine to make sure there are no untreated conditions that might pose a risk to you and your baby. Abnormal results may require special treatment or management during pregnancy. Items we will be looking at in your lab tests include Complete blood... Read The Rest
Less Discomfort & Faster Recovery Time
Minimally invasive surgeries are surgeries that use very small incisions to access the surgical site. Mansfield Miracles with Dr. Paul Daum, M.D. is a leading provider of minimally invasive surgery to treat a wide array of gynecological issues. Our state-of-the-art approaches help women recover more quickly and with less discomfort compared to traditional surgical methods. Patients who have minimally invasive surgeries typically can resume their normal activities much more quickly than those who have traditional surgeries, and many minimally-invasive surgeries can be performed using sedation or nerve blocks, avoiding general anesthesia and its attendant risks. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy is performed... Read The Rest
Helping You Plan For a Family
A typical U.S. woman is fertile about 40 years — half of her expected lifespan. If you choose not to have children at any point during that time, it's important that you select a birth control method that you find comfortable and appealing to your lifestyle. There are many options for birth control. Which you choose will depend on your individual needs and health. We offer birth control pills, patch, Nuva Ring, Mirena IUD, diaphragm fitting, and laparoscopic tubal ligation. Come in and see which is right for you. Other options for birth control include the implanon, a progestin only plastic rod... Read The Rest

Dr. Paul Daum, M.D. Provides Complete OB/GYN Services

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