Why choose Dr. Daum?

Dr. Daum's practice is different from many. He is in solo private practice and does not use nurse practitioners or PA's. Emphasis is placed on one to one contact, education, and physician availability. Dr. Daum is progressive and innovative. During pregnancy ultrasound is done in the office by Dr. Daum with assistance one day a week by Vicki, our sonography technician. Sonograms are used liberally to answer questions or sometimes just for fun or reassurance. A sonogram will usually be performed at your first pregnancy visit. Sonograms are routinely photographed and videotaped with DVDs for keepsakes. When pregnancies are complicated by maternal or fetal special needs a team approch may be helpful, including high risk pregnancy physicians and medical consultants. Management of labor is individualized, and a happy, successful experience is paramount. Whether you choose natural childbirth or epidural anesthesia, he will help you to have a great experience. Generally three persons are allowed in the delivery room with you, making room for grandmothers and Dad. The choice of who attends your delivery is yours, and when difficult decisions arise, Dr.Daum and the nursing staff will help with your needs. For gynecology patients Dr. Daum is well versed in all phases of a woman's life. Contraceptive options, adolescent development, menopause, and when surgery is needed, progressive in surgical techniques. Minimally invasive Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery are his specialties. Treatment of urinary incontinence can be accomplished as day surgery, usually without catheterization. Dr. Daum's laparoscopic hysterectomy patients regularly are able to be comfortabley discharged home the same day, Return to normal daily life is much more rapid, with most patients comfortably active within two weeks. Dr. Daum has been an innovator and leader in laparoscopic surgery within the Methodist Hospital System. The office staff is friendly, experienced and helpful. Anne, our office RN is an experienced labor and delivery nurse. She is very intelligent, empathetic, and thorough. Her addition to our office two years ago has helped us greatly with providing timely and helpful contact with patients. Anne has taken a special interest in screening our patients for genetic cancer risks, such as breast cancer and colon cancer gene inheritance. Becky and Malisa run an efficient front office, managing patient scheduling, insurance verification, and reminding patients of upcoming appointments. Amy is Dr. Daum's medical assistant and will be the person who brings you into the back office, does your vital signs, discusses your desires and needs for that day's appointment, and assists Dr Daum in the examination room. Amy also assists you with any laboratory needs you may have. Doris is Dr.Daum's insurance specialist, handling the scheduling of procedures, filing and receiving insurance company communications, and assisting patients with disability and FMLA paperwork. Together, Dr. Daum's office staff is very experienced, efficient and friendly, and can handle any problems or questons relating to your care. If at any time you wish to speak directly to Dr. Daum, Je will either immediately take your call or if necessary return your call as quickly as possible. Methodist Mansfield is a beautiful, modern, capable new facility located at 2700 East Broad Street in Mansfield. The hospital opened in December 2006, with the opening day highlight being Dr.Daum's delivery of the first baby at the new hospital. The hospital includes a level III A nursery staffed by neonatologists from Cooke Children's in Fort Worth. Methodist Mansfield has recieved many awards for quality and patient satisfaction, and is growing rapidly. A new expansion of Labor and Delivery is scheduled to begin construction in December 2010, doubling the size of the unit to 14 labor rooms. Methodist Mansfield is a great place to work, and a great place to be a patient. If you have questions, call us at 817-477-0200 or email Dr. Daum through the "Contact Us" section of the web site. Patient rooms include wireless internet, cabled internet connections, sleep accommodations for your significant other, and a desk near the window for any thank you notes or work you need to do. All labor and patient rooms are private. Labor and Delivery is a labor, delivery and recovery facility. (LDR) You will labor, deliver and recover all in one large, nicely appointed room. Dr. Daum has 22 years experience in private practice at Methodist Charton Medical Center. He has been honored to be president of the medical staff and twice chairperson of the OB-GYN department. He is a graduate of UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, and a graduate of the St.Paul Hospital university affiliated residency program. Dr. Daum served 5 years on the Dallas Physician Network Physician Board of Directors, and served as Chairperson of Credentialing for 3 years. His family will be relocating to Mansfield in December 2006. Convenient, newly finished offices are located on Bryan Place in Midlothian, and in the professional office building adjacent to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

Patient Education


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Having your baby at Methodist Mansfield

Methodist Mansfield is a great place to have your baby. Dr. Daum delivered the first baby at Methodist Mansfield on December 26th, 2006. Since that day the hospital has grown, but retains the small hospital feeling that many women enjoy. The NICU is now considered a level III A nursery,... Read More

Am I in Labor?

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